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International Workshop on
Gender Training
A joint collaboration involving
Gender Equality Incorporated and Mosaic International, Inc.
July 25-29, 2016       

Why You Should Attend?
Organizations, programmes and projects are increasingly being asked to develop gender equality policies and strategies that seek to provide women and men with equal opportunities and ensure that their interventions are gender-sensitive or at the very least do not reinforce inequities.  The gender training workshop seeks to provide workshop participants with core concepts, gender analytic frameworks and gender strategies that can improve the effectiveness of your organization, programmes and projects in working with vulnerable and marginalized women and men, boys and girls. The workshop will move you beyond the theory to apply in practical and useful ways gender analysis and gender sensitive strategies to your organization and its programmes and projects to achieve greater social justice, development and peace.  


The Approach 
The Gender Training workshop, a joint collaboration between Gender Equality Incorporated and International, is based on a hands-on approach to gender equality that can be applied in Canada and overseas.  You will move beyond understanding the key concepts underlying gender equality to working with different gender frameworks, applying gender to project design, monitoring and reporting to focus on gender mainstreaming in organizations and programmes.  You will also move beyond seeing gender equality as more than women’s participation to develop strategies targeting men and their relationship with women and designing actions that will see their relationship with women change so that both can reach their full potential.  Developing interventions based on a solid gender analysis will enable you to design programmes and projects based on differential needs, priorities and issues so that your intervention reinforces positive change for both women and men, boys and girls. You will learn how to undertake a participatory gender audit of your programme and organization and introduce strategies to make your organization more gender-sensitive. 


What Results to Expect?
You can expect to enhance your awareness, knowledge and skills in any of the following areas:

  • Mastering key concepts like equity vs. equality; division of labour, strategic interest vs needs, equal treatment vs equal opportunity, gender integration vs mainstreaming, etc…
  • Reviewing key national laws and international covenants in the field of gender like the Beijing Platform for Action, CEDAW and the Millennium Development Goals;
  • Applying a gender analysis and developing gender strategies for your project or programme;
  • Designing, monitoring and reporting using a gender lens and approach;
  • Mainstreaming gender into your organization and undertaking gender audits.

Who Will Be There?
The workshop is designed for women and men:

  • Gender specialists with Government, NGOs and the UN system;
  • International development practitioners who are responsible for integrating gender into their organization, programme and/or project;
  • Academics who are interested in learning participatory and experiential methods and approaches to teaching gender;
  • Decision-makers who make critical decisions on organizational policy, resource allocations, project design, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Change agents who want to learn positive and constructive methods and tools to sensitize their organization, programmes and projects to gender equality;
  • Trainers and students who want practical insights that such training can offer.

Workshop Agenda

This is an intensive five-day course designed to maximize learning, group interaction, networking and developing practical skills.  Sessions begin at 8:30 in the morning and run all day except for registration the first morning.  
Registerearly online at to reserve your place. 

Day 1:  Moving Beyond Concepts and Understanding Key National and International Agreements

  • 8:15 Registration
  • Mastering Key Concepts underlying Gender Equality
  • Reviewing Normative national and International Laws and Agreements in your country, Beijing Platform for Action, CEDAW, Human Rights of Women and the girl and the Millennium Development Goals
  • Social hour 5:30 - 6:30pm

Day 2: Special one day workshop with Sunny Marriner on Violence Against Women (VAW) and the White Ribbon Campaign


Sunny Marriner will facilitate a day long session on Violence against Women (VAW). As Executive Director of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre, activist, frontline support worker and trainer, Sunny brings over 20 years experience to the field of VAW. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Violence Against Women: issues, facts and trends
  • Models of Support in VAW: history, ethics and best practices
  • Intersectionality: VAW and social context Institutional Responses to VAW (police, courts, medical, academia, State)
  • Sexual Violence in Conflict, Post-Conflict and Transitional Environments
  • Designing and Evaluating Programs in VAW: Questions and Considerations
  • Needs, Gaps and Barriers in VAW work

The White Ribbon Campaign will also present day 2 on the following items:

  • Exploring the evidence base and best practices around engaging men and boys
  • Looking at gender equality through the lens of masculinities
  • Designing and developing effective interventions; Working across a spectrum of prevention.

For those interested in attending only this one day workshop, the cost will be CAD $ 395.

Day 3:  Applying Gender Analysis Frameworks to the Workplace

  • Learning and Choosing a Gender Framework:  Harvard Analytic Framework, Moser Framework, Gender Analysis Framework, Women’s Empowerment (Longwe) Framework
  • The role of Gender Analysis Frameworks in ‘mainstreaming’ gender
  • Advantages and disadvantages of these frameworks
  • • Field-work in Ottawa using a gender lens at City Hall, Ottawa Courthouse and Byward Market

Day 4:  Integrating gender into programmes and projects

  • Designing gender-sensitive logic models and results
  • Developing gender-sensitive indicators
  • What to look for when monitoring programmes and projects?
  • How to report gender results for your programme and project

Day 5:   Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Audits

  • How to mainstream gender into your organization
  • Real-life experiences with gender mainstreaming
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Undertaking Gender Audits
  • Building your Action Plan
  • Evaluation and Certificates for 4:30 pm

How Will This be Achieved?
This is a practical hands on workshop.  The format will vary between presentations, individual and group work, case studies drawn from participants to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences that can be applied to real life situations.

There will be a field assignment in and around Ottawa that will give you an opportunity to undertake a gender audit.

Need More Information on Logistics?
Check out our website for information on visas, health insurance, affordable accommodations, weather and transportation in Ottawa here .  

Registration Fees:

July 25-29, 2016 for Gender Training  ♂♀ . 1) Government, UN system, Multinationals: $ 1595 CAD ; 2) NGO/Consultant rate: $ 1350 CAD; 3) Full-time student: $ 1195 CAD. *One day session with Sunny Marriner and the White Ribbon Campaign CAD $ 395.00 Please complete the Registration Page on our Website at

*One day session with Sunny Marriner and the White Ribbon Campaign CAD $ 395.00 Please complete the Registration Page on our Website at


The Facilitators:


Originally from Kenya, Karen Craggs-Milne is the Director of Gender Equality Incorporated, a Toronto based organization that specializes in building capacity at all levels to achieve equitable outcomes for women, girls, men and boys in all their diversity.

An accomplished gender specialist, Karen has worked on gender issues over the last 10 years in several sectors and regions in Canada and overseas. During this time, she has worked closely with numerous clients to review their own practices and integrate a systematic and comprehensive approach to gender integration in projects, programs, policies and organizations. Her technical expertise lies in gender training, institutional gender audits, gender analysis, gender sensitive monitoring and evaluation as well as gender mainstreaming.

As a gender trainer, Karen is well known for delivering participatory, practical and energizing sessions that leave participants feeling confident, well-equipped and ready for action. Karen also has extensive experience in developing comprehensive training materials and customized tools and frameworks for participants and facilitators.

Karen holds a bilingual BA (Hons) in International Studies from York University, Toronto and an MSc. in Development Management from the London School of Economics, UK.

For more information on Gender Equality Incorporated
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Françoise Coupal is founder and partner of International, Inc a private consulting firm.  She is an experienced Senior Level Gender Specialist having worked for CIDA, UNIFEM, Inter-American Development Bank, PAHO and World Food Programme on gender issues.  As a programme officer for the UNDP, Françoise was a gender specialist responsible for a portfolio of gender projects in the field of agriculture, micro-enterprise development, cooperatives and good governance.  She has undertaken consulting assignments that have helped organizations mainstream gender into their organizations, programme and projects in the field of disaster relief and rehabilitation, good governance, cooperatives, education and health.  Françoise has worked in over 25 countries.  She is an experienced facilitator in participatory and experiential methods. 

Françoise served on the Board of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) and has been an active member of the Women’s Executive Network.

Françoise undertook her studies at UCLA and graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University and Carleton University culminating in a Master of Arts degree in International Development. 

For more information on International, Inc.
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Special Guest Facilitator, Sunny Marriner, Executive Director of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre is an advocate, activist, trainer and frontline support worker.  Sunny has served on regional, provincial and national advisory committees for service, research and political/legal policy reform in matters of violence against women and girls.  Sunny has a wealth of experience providing direct support to young women survivors of violence and state intervention, including homeless and "street involved" girls; those in group homes, custody facilities, detention and prison; sex workers and sexually exploited girls; pregnant and parenting young women; and those living as wards of the State.  She is a regular speaker, trainer and lecturer on intersections of law and stigmatized populations, including questions of access to justice, sexual violence and exploitation, sexual assault law, police and legal responses to VAW and women's incarceration and psychiatrization. See agenda for details. 
     White Ribbon is the world's largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, health relationships and a new vision of masculinity.  White Ribbon's vision is a masculinity that embodies the best qualities of being human.  White Ribbon believes that men are part of the solution and part of a future that is safe and equitable for all people. White Ribbon will join us Day 2 of the afternoon of the workshop.